The story behind "UNCHAIN your inner strength"

Hey Queen, before I start explain what “UNCHAIN your inner strength” is; I would like to share a little snippet of my journey as an entrepreneur so that you can have a better understanding of why I do what I do, and that way you can make a decision if I am the right fit to help you on your own journey.


So here we go… I promise to keep it short and sweet!


I started my second online business as a Mindset and Business Coach, officially a bit over a year ago, on October 2017. My first business, which I started the previous year was attached to a MLM (Multi Level Marketing) company based on health and wellness products, which you can find under Pamper Me Forever.


The initiative on starting my own business by joining a MLM came to me in the right moment in my life when I needed it the most. You see, I was tired of working the same job, in the same trade, hospitality, for the past 20 years. I felt like I was on repeat, every day the same story, the same routine, the same over and over again. I had completely forgotten why I was living, well, to be absolutely honest with you, I didn’t know what living your life meant any more. And in fairness, no one I was surrounding myself with was doing anything different with their lives that would inspire me change or growth. I am not blaming it on them, not even myself, what I am trying to say is that we are what we surround ourselves with, the people, the job, the situations; and if we want to change, everything has to change, from inside out.


The last job had left me completely broken, I had worked my ass of, as most of us do, and the day I disagree with one of their policies and I was brave enough to confront them, I was let go...Yep, just like that.


You know when you get that feeling that you’re being a bitch because you’re speaking your mind, truly from your heart because you’re so sick and tired of holding it in? Well, that was me sister, I vomited everything that my soul needed to get out, and I mean really got it out, all of it, with curse words and all. So in a way I can understand why I was let go. LOL!


Here’s the point, we are not bitches, all we are trying to do is truly expressing ourselves, stand up for what we believe, for our rights and our values… We are embracing our inner strength and letting our soul finally shout out her feelings and emotions.



When the opportunity to join a MLM came across my path, all I could think was FREEDOM!!!


And if you’ve read my ABOUT ME page, you already know that is my favourite word in the whole entire Universe.


I wasn’t thinking about the money, that was the least of my concerns, not that I had loads; I would still had to keep working while I build and grew my business … FREEDOM, that’s what it was giving me, to be able to chose what I wanted to do with my life, it gave me a purpose again. So no matter what the hell happened at another job, I would close my eyes, smile and think to myself “FREEDOM”.



Like everything in life, building a business takes time, and like anything in life that you truly desire, you’ll find a way to make it happen!

And I did, I work a job while building my business on the side. I stayed with the company for a little less than a year, where I got to learn loads, about business but mostly about the true value of helping others. That was all possible through the intense work on self-development, something I wasn’t completely alien about (click here to read my full story to change); but this was another level, more intense, more meaningful.


I got obsessed with every book that was out there, to the point that instead of buying shoes...hard for a girl like me to do… I went to the book store, Amazon and every other place where I could get my hands on a self-development book. I have to say, I am the proud owner of one amazing collection of truly inspiring books (read my blog on my favourite self-development books).


I made a great effort to learn as much as I could on self-development, to learn how I could help improve the lives of others by coaching them to accept who they are, love themselves unconditionally and build great confidence and belief in themselves. To coach them on how they have the power to chose the life they want to live and most importantly to find their true purpose in life.


And as simple as it might sound now, that’s how my second business was born.


I had found my true life passion and I wanted to share it with the whole world, because I thought, if I could do it...THEN SO CAN YOU!


You might not know it yet, but as I tell all my clients, the time comes when the time comes. And once is there, in front of you, you’ll know what to do to make it happen.


I promised I keep it short, so I’ll try to get back to it and not get side tracked again… LOL!


Soul Sister’s Universe was born, a place where women from all over the world came together to empower, inspire, share and help women in life and business. We started on Facebook and soon after we created a podcast, a YouTube channel broadcasting the podcast interviews and this past October, we launched our first online magazine.


We gather a bunch of our powerful Soul Sisters entrepreneurs on April 2018 and we did our first online summit aimed to Mindset and Business. If you want to check it out, all recordings are on our YouTube channel, Soul Sister’s Universe by Maria C. Krause.


All of these projects have helped well known and newie female entrepreneurs from all over the world to step out of their comfort zone, some of them even had their ever first podcast with me!


It has helped to be seen and make new connections with other female entrepreneurs.


It has helped them promote how they can help others.


It has helped them to reach out to the world in need of their services.


It has been an absolutely amazing journey for myself where I got to make new friends; learn loads, about women and about myself; about other people’s struggle and challenges in life; abut their growth and their strength; about life itself.


As this year ends and the new approaches, filled with more opportunities, hopes, bigger missions and dreams, is time to close this chapter of SOUL SISTER’S UNIVERSE and welcome “UNCHAIN your inner strength”


“UNCHAIN your inner strength” will take a different direction as SOUL SISTER’S UNIVERSE that was mostly aimed to helping women and female entrepreneurs. Through “UNCHAIN your inner strength”, we are looking to reach out to a vast majority of people who are looking for help on their life journeys; such as letting go of old self beliefs; creating a super powerful Mindset; unleashing your soul power; believing in yourself; build self-confidence; self-love; and celebrating yourself in its full glory and life!


All our platforms are going to be under this name “UNCHAIN your inner strength” starting on the 1st of January, 2019. If you feel that is something that could help your soul and journey, drop me a message or book your call with me now, and let’s figure out together how we can make it all happen.


Looking forward to get to know all about yourself and your soul power soul sister (yep, still love calling people that, it makes me feel closer to them).


Until then, I am going to share everything that SOUL SISTER’S UNIVERSE has done up to this day to help women empower and embrace their soul power.


PS.: Always remember to honour and love yourself Queen!


Love, Light, BE

Maria C. Krause.


Mindset and Business Mentor.

Mindfulness and Lifestyle Blogger.

Founder and Owner of "UNCHAIN your inner strength"

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