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"UNCHAIN your inner strength" is a worldwide Spiritual Business magazine created by female entrepreneurs.

Tips, tools, and strategies to help you become more successful in all areas of your life.

The story behind the magazine

From the founder and owner of “UNCHAIN YOUR INNER STRENGTH"


A dream from a nerd at heart.


Ever since I was a little girl, I have loved the magic that books and magazines bring into my world. They have always offered a place where my imagination can run wild. As I was growing up, these books and magazines offered a glimpse into locations, and countries I would dream about visiting someday, idols I wanted to meet, concerts I wanted to go to and clothes I wanted to parade around in.  Most importantly, they have also always included the inspiring stories of women who were living their dream life doing what they loved.


I read absolutely everything I could put my hands on. Every magazine I could find, no matter what language it was in. I would even make up my own stories in my mind. Bit crazy, ey! It gave me the sensation of absolute FREEDOM, one of the most beautiful feelings in the world! Everything I looked through, I could see myself in these characters and individuals who were living out their dreams. I could feel every emotion they felt; I was right there with them dancing, screaming and singing along.


I read everyone from J. D. Salinger, Stephen King and Ray Bradbury. It wasn’t until I found my all time favourite, Charles Bukowski, that my life changed. His stories were so real, so raw, and at times magical. They resonated with me so much that I would completely immerse myself in the fabulous stories this alcoholic man told about his life filled with craziness and amazing adventures.


As a teenager, I started purchasing this weekly magazine called 13/20 which was aimed to young wild teenagers like myself. I remember saving my allowance every week and made sure that the old kind man at the newsstand would hold a copy for me. It was filled with all the things that I loved at that age: music, movies, 90’s fashion (if you are close to my age, you know what I’m talking about. LOL), new books, sex, life and everything in between.


Ever since then, I have always dreamed about creating a magazine of my own and here we are today. On September 15th, 2018, as I turned 40 years young, I was finally able to make one of my biggest dreams come true and launch the first issue of UNCHAIN YOUR INNER STRENGTH online magazine.


I am so blessed and grateful to have so many kick ass women who are helping me make this dream a reality.


I created “UNCHAIN your inner strength”  for the little girl that lives in within all of us.


For the dreamers.


For the go-getters.


For the action takers.


For the achievers.


For every woman out there who feels the insane urge to fulfill their dreams and be the woman they were born to be. This is for you, Queen, because everything you ever wished for, can become your reality.

Love, Light, BE

Maria C. Krause

Spiritual Mindset & Business Mentor.

International Bestselling Author.

Podcaster / Publisher / Editor in Chief

Founder and Owner of "UNCHAIN your inner strength"