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"I am a stronger believer that for us to be happy, our whole body, mind and spirit has to work in harmony. I don't know about you, but a lot on the way I feel about myself, can strongly dictate what my mood is going to be throughout the day. However, I also believe we are all beautiful and the only way to know it is by starting to love and accept ourselves...and look after our beautiful body."  Maria

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How do I rediscover Myself?

Rediscover Yourself is a 1 to 1 program where I help you bring out your inner and outer beauty. We'll work with a program specifically designed for you to help you get rid of those little bad habits and learn how to love and look after yourself!

This program includes everything from  your health, your skin, your mind and spirit!

For a long time skincare companies have approach the subject of beauty only from the outside. Recently a large amount of skincare manufacturers have starting to promote certain products that can improve our skin health once ingested. The health of our skin depends on our inner health...


So where do I start my journey to Rediscover myself?

The best way to Rediscover yourself is by starting a CLEANSE

What is a CLEANSE?

A CLEANSE is a process that focuses in each of your internal organs, helping the body to get rid of toxins such as harmful organisms, chemicals and toxic metals; while cleansing your colon, liver and kidneys.

A CLEANSER program combined with the right diet could help your body regain its optimal health. Get rid of that constant bloating feeling, caused by water retention and also help you on your journey to a healthier lifestyle

Why is a CLEANSER important?

Throughout the years we put our body through a variety of changes, sometimes without even noticing. Drinking too much coffee, alcohol, consuming cigarettes, foods with high content of sugars and fats, combined to the daily stress, can cause your body to feel over tired and malfunctioning.


Have you ever felt tired and bloated after having a meal? Or after a long night sleep you want to jump back in bed and stay there all day?

This could be a sign from your body that needs a break and reset itself to work properly.

This is not a diet!

CLEANSING is not a DIET! A CLEANSER will help you improve your health, physically and mental, will boosts your metabolism, regain your self confidence and teach you how to create new eating and physical habits to improve your body's natural energy and health.

Will it work for me?

If your body is not functioning properly is because is asking for your help. I will help you create a program in place for you that will cater your lifestyle and your needs...I will be there holding your hand. all the way through this process so you WILL succeed!

Jump on board and let's get this journey started!

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Ps.: And always remember Queen, LOVE YOURSELF UNCONDITIONALLY!

Love, Light, BE

Maria C. Krause. XXX

Thanks! We will help you however we can