A chapter of my life

Hi Beautiful Queen,

Welcome to my little part of the world. I am so happy you're here, wish you could see my "happy welcome dance", or best not, might scare you away LOL!

Before you even start reading... I want to remind you, that I am indeed HUMAN, just like you. I have my good days as I have my bad days; I go through ups and downs like everyone else... And that's because I have a heart and I feel, just like you.

We are no different... And if I can do what I do, so can you!

You have what it takes, you just don't know it yet... Are you ready to find out?

Hey Lovely Soul,

I’m Maria and I am a human and a woman, recently turned entrepreneur. I’m a bit of a mixed mess...part Philippine and part German, brought up in the Argentinian Patagonia, in a lovely small town called, El Bolson. I currently reside in Dublin, it has been home for the past 10 years; previously to that, it was New York for a couple of years, Barcelona, Berlin, Buenos Aires and even Turkey. (I told ya I was a bit of a mixed mess!)

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Now, what I do is help people to chose the life they want to live...and to be able to do this, is what rocks my world! And gets me jumping out of bed every morning!

Throughout my bar tending years, I’ve met so many people with amazing talents and skills and what most of them, including myself at that time...we shared that same monster called “Fear”, which stops us from living the life we want. What changed for me was that I got fired from my last job, and as a 37 young woman, I was embarrassed and humiliated at the same time...I had enough! Enough! Enough! Working for someone else wasn’t an option any more, the thought of having to work my butt off to prove to someone else that I am worth it...No, did I say I had enough?!

Being left without an income is scary, specially when you see those bills pile up, but the feeling of working for someone else again, was depressing and having gone through that the previous year, I decided instead to take this as an opportunity to change my life!

And let me tell you...there’s not one day that goes by that I look at my happy face in the mirror and tell myself “Go girl! That’s the best decision you have ever made! Life is wonderful!” I finally became the woman I always wanted to be.

I re-evaluated my life and thought deeply about priorities and values, what was really important to me and “WHY” I wanted a better life for myself. I found a strong sense of wanting “Peace of Mind”, something that I thought it would be impossible but my “WHY” is what makes me believe that everything I want from life is out there, and I just gotta go and grab it.

"I am a strong believer that people shouldn’t be defined by the job we do for a living, because we are indeed capable to do anything when we put our mind and soul into it. Dare to dream...an when you do: DREAM BIG." Maria C. Krause

An amazing woman called “Mom” (to me, the rest of the world likes to call her Florie), taught me a 4 rules to live my life by and I still follow them today.

-Be Kind.

Mom always said we all have a story, she had one, so that’s why she understood. A simple gesture such as a smile could help brighten up someone’s day. Is our biggest superpower and yet, we fail to use as such.


- Be Grateful.

Be grateful for another day in your life!

We once wanted what we now have, we have to learn to appreciate every little thing and every single moment we live. Opening your eyes in the morning; the breath of fresh cut grass; the laugh of a child...and the laugh of a grown up; the smell of rain and the smell of fresh lilies. The simple things in life is what makes life worth living.


-Be your Unique self

“Be yourself, everyone else is taken”.

Take the time to get to know you, learn about yourself; your perfections and your imperfections; your virtues and your skills; even your imperfections. Learn who you are and you’ll love yourself unconditionally!


-And never give up!

Obstacles and challenges are there to teach us something, either a lesson or a new skill.

Thomas Edison response to “How does it feel to have failed so many times?” was “I didn’t fail 100 times, I just found a 100 different ways until I found the right way”



"Life is a beautiful journey, is your story, your book...be the author and write the most amazing story, fulfill your dreams, be You!"



These are the fuels of my life, my values and my “WHY”...I think you might have figured it out by now, whose my biggest “WHY”... Mom.

My biggest goal in life is to be able to inspire woman all around the world to bring out their super powers and do what you thought it was impossible. We are all a ray of sunshine, turn up your brightness and let’s change the world together!

Few secrets about me

(Shhh...don't tell anyone!)


My favorite word is Freedom, I even got a tattoo  in my arm with the word!!! 

It’s a powerful word that represents so many emotions...and combined with Financial, it’s music to my ears.


When I finished secondary school I went to college to become a Film director, one of my biggest dream as a teenager but I also wanted to be a lawyer...a tour guide...a singer....a property developer...a drummer.


I have a love-hate relationship with tomatoes and we’re still trying to figure out why...And despite having been brought up in the land of meat, Argentina, I am pescetarian... on the way of becoming a full time vegetarian.


My Mom is my inspiration, my heroin, my idol and my muse...what a woman! When I grow up I want to be just like her!


am a very proud nerd, I love reading, watching documentaries and I also love rock and roll... Not your typical stereotype. Guns and Roses was the first band I’ve ever saw live back when I was 14 years young... But I also have a secret love for classical music, it calms the beast in me!


I love writing, it’s a great way for me to be able to express myself. I used to be very shy as a kid so written words were my way of telling the world how I felt.


I absolute love nature and the smell in the air when the seasons change. Autumn and Spring are my favorite seasons, in one the old goes and in the other one everything comes to life again.

And last but not least, I have a story, just like you and because of this story I decided to turn my life around. No more excuses, blaming others and feeling sorry for myself...Because of this story Maria is back!


PS.: I would like to get to know you...Drop me a line and let’s chat!

To get to know me more and what I do what I do, click on the button below to read my full life story. XXX

You'll be surprised to find out that I am a woman just like you, fighting her own battles and demons, who discovered a way to transform herself and chose the life she wanted to live.

If I can do it... TRUST ME, YOU CAN TOO!

Love, Light, BE


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