"Creo firmemente que las personas no deben ser definidas por lo que han hecho; somos capaces de hacer cualquier cosa y convertirnos en lo que siempre hemos sido si ponemos nuestras almas y nuestras mentes".

- Maria C. Krause

Mentalidad y mentor de negocios.

Fundador y propietario de la revista y podcast en línea Unchain Your Inner Strength

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Hey Beautiful Queen!

Have you ever stop for a second and think what you're life would have been like if you had trusted your instincts instead of other people's opinions?

Where would you be now?

What would you be doing now?

Would you have chosen a different career?

A different lifestyle?

I am a strong believer that what the life we live has a meaning an a purpose, and no matter where life has taken us, is all part of the learning and the process to grow and become better and better every day!

You now have the choice to empower and embrace what life has giving you and start creating the life that you were always destined to live.

Ask and you shall receive! The Universe is always by our side, ready to give us more love, kindness and the confidence to follow our passion and dreams.

We all have today, to start over again and make this life, a life to remember!

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Love, Light, BE

Maria C. Krause. xxx

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testimonials from inspiring souls...

Claudia pic 2.jpg

Claudia Tinnirello,

SquareSpace Web Designer

CEO & Founder at SophisticatedCloud

There are no words to describe how proud and overjoyed I feel right now. 


You have not only made me proud, but also my family (not to mention my parents) and friends.


From start to finish you have been an amazing and kind support, a real friend, always guiding us ladies on the next steps with a big smile on your face.

I thoroughly enjoyed the entire process as I only really had to worry about writing my chapter and everything else was taken care of. What a great peace of mind!

rebecca cross.jpg

Rebecca Cross,

Business Coaching | Strategy | NLP

This lady is the queen of collaboration! She is amazing bringing together a tribe of women and making an impact together. If you are looking to write a book, start your own podcast or start being a guest on podcasts, learning how to be part of online summits- get in touch with Maria. She is AMAZING!!! Thank you for all you do Maria


Ceza Ouzounian,

Relationship Coach

Maria is amazing. She has brought lots of women together to create a book full of our stories to inspire other women. She has encouraged us and inspired us and worked so hard on the book collaboration. I am so happy to be a part of it. She really has given us so much to make this book a success. I can't wait for it to launch. Thank you Maria for everything!

Find the way back to your AUTHENTIC SELF!

 Hey Beautiful Soul... Yes, YOU, I am talking to you, I can see you and how powerful and unique you are!

You have a unique gift that you’ve been carrying in your soul since the moment you were born into this Universe, but somewhere along in life, just like that imaginary BFF you had when you were a child that helped you believe that everything was possible, even that unicorns and angels were real…Just as real as it was, it disappeared and so the belief in yourself. You stopped believing that you were more than just what people thought you were, you might even allowed them to put you in a box and there you stayed, you believed what other thought of you and you had no strength to argue the contrary or show them otherwise.

​And then, one day, you had enough… Something inside you woke up, something that for so long has been trying to tell you that YOU ARE SOMEONE! That you are capable of achieving anything and everything you want in this life. YOU HAVE A GIFT AND IT’S TIME TO SHOW IT TO THE WORLD!

So you set up your own business, despite what some people had to say “Running a business is hard”, “You don’t have the skills”, “What do you know about running a business”, “You’ll never make it”... Does any of these sound familiar?

But you went for it anyway and you started learning everything you needed to know to build a business. And the roller-coaster of emotions began, you realized that it was going to be harder than you imagined, however, you are determined, resilient and don’t forget, YOU HAVE A UNIQUE GIFT that no one else has, BEING YOU!

Now it’s time that you OWN that UNIQUE gift that only YOU have!

Now it's time that your get back to your AUTHENTIC SELF!

Be fierce!

Be fearless!

Be authentic!

Be unapologetically YOU!

Embrace your craziness, your nerdiness, your corkiness, your sensitivity, your life experiences. OWN YOUR STORY OF TRANSFORMATION QUEEN!

That’s your AUTHORITY and what’s going to differentiate you from all the entrepreneurs out there and it’s also what is going to attract your soul clients with ease, flow, effortlessly, and consistently.

Change starts from within, and if you are ready, I will make it my mission to help you all along the way. To rediscover your inner and outer beauty, build unshakable confidence and belief in yourself, and start living the life you always dreamed of!

Are you ready QUEEN?

Schedule your 1-1 FREE MASTER PLAN call with me today and let's do this!

Love, Light, BE

Maria C. Krause. XXX

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Imagine writing your story for the first time?

Imagine your story read by future generations to come?

Imagine being able to help someone create the life they want?

Imagine your story being read by 1000s of people around the world?

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Imagine leaving a LEGACY?